Improve your editing skills – 5 easy tips

There was a time I hated editing. There was a time I thought all the fun was in ferrying my ideas into reality, in writing them on paper for the first time around. I thought the thrill of discovery, and that strange feeling I experienced—of tapping into some mysterious sort of alternate reality—was all I cared about. But then, blunt and irreverent, time barged in as it always does. And much to my chagrin it showed me I was mistaken. In short, it happened the most obvious thing in the world. I began rereading some of the stories I had written.…

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Horror books – 5 reasons I love them

As the saying goes love is blind. But anybody doted with a properly functioning brain knows that love has more chances of surviving the first brief heated moments if after the first reaction, (let’s call it so…) we spit in our palms and start working to really get to know what we love. On some occasions this work of research can end in disappointment, often instead it rewards us with a deeper and more satisfying understanding of the object of our love. I believe this holds true both for books and people. The only, negligible (sure, really negligible…) difference being that…

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Inspiration–is it really so important for your novel?

two coffee cups and a pair of glasses making up a face - Inspiration--is it really so important for your novel? - Peter Rey

After having reread and revised it at least five times, I’ve just sent off my first short novel, Ruin, to my editor. If everything goes as it should, within weeks I should manage to publish it. I wrote the first draft of Ruin in about three weeks. The story came to me easily and I enjoyed writing it. Then, after a pause to let it settle, to put some distance between me and the world I had imagined, I began the revising process. Though I had already edited a conspicuous amount of works before, the very first day I realized…

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On Writing – Starting out and Setting Goals

runner ready to run - mportance of goal setting

When starting out, setting goals is essential. I mean, for this post, my very first post I wanted to write something brilliant, something memorable. For a while I examined, and subsequently discarded, many different ideas. I also worked my ass off to find elegant and dazzling ways to spark up my writings. But I soon discovered that no stylistic ruse and no idea was ever going to be good enough for my lofty goal. After the umpteenth draft and the umpteenth change of subject I was frustrated and spent to say the least – but not an inch closer to my…

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