One of the most important rules for writers

With great power also comes great responsibility. This is quite a common saying–also thanks to its popularization by the creators of Spider-Man, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. In any case, this saying is so widespread also because it’s deeply true. Not just rules for writers… To realize this we don’t need to look for superheroes fighting against super villains always only one step away from destroying the world. We can just keep our eyes open during our everyday activities. Take traffic officers, for example. In the overwhelming majority of the cases, they behave in a professional way, irrespective of the fact they have stopped us for a routine control or to give us a ticket.

Book spoilers – do they really affect the reading experience?

Book spoilers are bad. Book spoilers are so bad that when you review a book you are often requested to clearly mark the sections of your review that contain book spoilers. This to avoid having hordes of enraged potential readers calling you names for having destroyed their reading experience right from the start. Or rather, even before the start. Yet, some guys have put this belief about book spoilers under a magnifying glass, and what they have found seems to disprove the conventional wisdom about the subject. In fact, it seems, book spoilers aren’t such a bad thing. Not at all. Wielding about the results of their work, the researchers claim that when we read a story whose outcome we already know, we can appreciate it more than when we read it without having any previous information about it. They also say that although the reasons for this go “beyond the …

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Book cover design – an overview

A great book cover design can make or break the future of a book. Quite simply, it is one of the most important marketing tools we authors have at our disposal. In fact, even if we work hard to send a lot of people to our sales pages, we’re going to end up empty-handed in terms of sales if the cover isn’t top-notch. Of course, a great cover isn’t necessarily a safe-conduct to success, but an ordinary one can really drive potential readers away. Fact is, these days the number of books on sale is so large and people so busy that even those claiming that their buying habits aren’t particularly affected by covers—for example, people like me—must admit to being a lot more susceptible to amateurish and simplistic covers than they were just, say, five years ago. That’s why we should, ideally, hire a professional. However, for those of us …

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