How to write a lot every day – myths and facts

Many years ago, when I began to put pen to paper, I wrote using whatever I had at my disposal. Given that I was a happy owner of a Commodore Amiga, and I also was a sort of a geek, the program I chose to write my first stories was a Seka Assembler, an editor developed for programmers, not writers. Seka Assembler was rudimentary, but it was fast and had all the basic functions I needed. I used it to write several short stories and one long SF novel I’m sure I still have tucked away somewhere. It took me a couple of years to finally decide this writing thing really intrigued me, and consequently buy a proper word processor. Besides, during those first years I wrote without any kind of a routine. Some weeks I wrote for hours seven days out of seven, some others I didn’t write a …

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Good ideas, bad ideas – How to recognize good and bad ideas

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between good and bad ideas. But the alternative is to have no ideas at all. Because, especially at the beginning, good and bad ideas are often indistinguishable. Given at least a grain of talent, creativity can be boosted. This is good news. In fact, it’s reassuring to be told we can take a stroll, read a book, or enroll for a creativity course to double the amount of our creative ideas, or to make them more original. But, as it is often the case in real life, things aren’t so straightforward. Otherwise, considering the number of books and courses devoted to creativity, lateral thinking, or whatever else we may call it, we would have droves of people coming up with spectacular new ideas all the time. Besides, we should also recognize that creative ideas can be both good and bad ideas. After …

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Psychology and creative writing: overcoming self-doubt

Both in psychology and creative writing self-doubt is an evergreen subject. This is so probably because even if feelings of self-doubt can be harrowing for anyone, in artists self-doubt can grow into a ravenous monster, gnawing so hard and deep into their soul that they end up feeling like they and their works alike are completely worthless. Really, just think of this quote by Kurt Vonnegut: When I write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth. Another factor to consider is the link that seems to exist between creativity and mental illness. As a result, nowadays artists might have the feeling they are walking a tightrope between sanity and lunacy, and might end up considering even a minor setback like an irreparable failure. Luckily, psychology and creative writing need not to be linked in negative terms exclusively. On the contrary, when it comes to …

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How to find time to read more books – 10 easy tips

No matter how hectic your days can be. With these tips on how to read more books you can go from zero to infinite. Well… almost. I don’t know how many books I read in a year. I don’t keep count. But I do know I love reading. I love reading both fiction and non fiction books. When I was younger and I had at my disposal tons of spare time, reading a book came natural to me. Whenever I felt like, I would just sit down in a quiet corner of the house and start reading. Then, growing up my spare time seemed to dissolve, like morning fog under a fierce summer sun. But my love for books never faltered, and I found that even if you have a hectic life you can manage to put under your reader’s belt a significant number of books every year. In fact, if …

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How to become a writer, really?

If you want to become a writer, all the rules in the world and all the books about style and usage can help you only so much. In fact, at a certain point you must come to terms with the fact that there’s no other way than actually trying to do what you want to do most. I want to become a writer… It’s a simple concept, isn’t it? Yet, have you ever noticed how the simplest concepts often are among the most difficult ones to put into practice? Because the simpler they are, the more pervasive they can be. In a word, they can change forever your life. Maybe even capsize it.