Inspiring songs – or a horror writer’s playlist

Birds on a line - Inspiring songs, or a horror writer's playlist - Peter ReyWhen I write I usually prefer a quiet place. In this way I have the impression of being more in contact with the ideas floating about in my head. Besides, my mind has way less opportunities to wander about. In fact, though such wandering can be quite fruitful from a creative point of view, if it keeps interrupting my writing session, it ends up having a nefarious effect on my output. To the point that when I reread my work I cannot even understand what I really meant in the first place.

Some time ago I wrote a post about how to stop procrastinating and start writing. In that post I outlined the tips I found more effective to manage to sit down at my desk and start my writing sessions without first having to waste whole hours.

However, on some occasions it’s not just a matter of wanting to write and doing instead something else. Sometimes it’s more a matter of feeling I’d rather do something else entirely.

When this happens I know my list of anti postponement tricks is dead in the water. In fact, I don’t experience the usual feeling of guilt for not doing what I would be supposed to do. No, on those occasions I know I need to do something completely different. Like listening to some music–to tune out of my present and start wandering on the notes of some of my preferred and most inspiring songs.

Because music is powerful. Because music, like literature, needs time to weave its magic. Above all, because the proper songs help me reach that so often sought after ideal place where the mind is at the same time relaxed and extremely active. That place buried deep inside myself where it’s always fall. Where a red, setting sun goes behind a thick screen of trees, and a gushing wind scatters the leaves up in a darkening sky.

Well… maybe it’s not always so. But I think you got the idea. I mean, both of my secret place and of what is a cliche… but I’m digressing.

Usually my listening sessions don’t last long. An hour or so. And during this time I’m not exactly flooded with new ideas. Of course, it can happen that some ideas strike me for their potential, but on the whole I just listen to the music, and recharge.

Inspiring Songs

The following is a list of some of the songs I love most. I hope you enjoy them at least as much as I do.

I hope these inspiring songs can shake you out and spur you to keep working toward your goals, or just remind you of the rich and nuanced world we live in.

In fact, if you think of it, all music is based on a handful of notes. Yet they’re enough to build up whole universes of emotions inside us. Sure, In the beginning was the Word, says the Bible, but I’m sure music was there too.

If you feel like suggesting some additions to this playlist, just drop a comment.

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