Free stuff

  The Ladder

barn - short storyI wrote this free short story, among many others, for a course in creative writing I took years ago.

This isn’t a horror story, unless we want to call horror also the challenges we all have to face while growing up. However, I really enjoyed writing it. And now I hope you can find it just as enjoyable.

  The Wind Tower

If you’re  roaming the Internet in search of free horror short stories or free thriller short stories, come and have a look at this one.

The idea came to me during a course I had to attend about safety measures and risk assessment for working at height.

The spokesman was so boring, he managed to make the word ‘boring’ itself exciting by comparison. So, after being hit for an hour or so of droning nonsense, my mind began to wander.

Then when the idea came to me, I jotted down just a few words on the pad I should have used to take much more serious notes. [continue reading]

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