The ladder – a free short story

I wrote this free short story, among many others, for a course in creative writing I took years ago. This isn’t a horror story, unless we want to call horror also the challenges we all have to face while growing up. However, I really enjoyed writing it. And now I hope you can find it just as enjoyable. Let me know. The Ladder The wooden ladder stretches above the first floor of the barn. From where he is, Mikey can make out the piles of hay. Beyond these, hung up to the farther wall, a scythe rests in the shadows –…

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How to jump-start your creativity

Creativity can be a capricious companion. At times I don’t feel like writing anything at all. I mean, although my head has been buzzing with ideas all day long, as the time of my writing session gets nearer, it seems to me that my ideas dry up and vanish into thin air. Once upon a time, this used to piss me off.  But thanks to my stubbornness this is no longer the case. Freewriting, boredom, and creativity In fact, on such occasions I sit down at my desk and start pounding on my keyboard all the same. Only, as freewriting…

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Editing programs—are they any good?

editing programs, are they any good?

I love reading. I love reading poignant, gripping stories. However, typos and banal grammar mistakes can spoil even the most well-devised story. Indeed, for me reading a book riddled with typos and grammar mistakes is like watching a movie peppered with an endless series of ads. It just spoils my experience. It’s not a matter of snobbishness on my part, or of being a grammar Nazi. Quite simply, when I read a book with a great story, I end up expecting that every other part of the book will be just as satisfying. Once upon a time, with traditional books, the publishing houses made…

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