The unreliable narrator: definition and uses in literature

Literature offers writers and readers alike the opportunity to experiment with things that in real life usually lead to a series of unpleasant consequences. No, I’m not speaking of explosives wired to fast-ticking timers, of psychopaths on a killing spree, or of alien hordes devastating our already half devastated world–not necessarily at least. What I’m speaking of here has to do with the well known literary trope of the narrator, or rather, the unreliable narrator. This might look like a literary device of secondary importance, especially considering the gazillion super explosive things that authors can cook up in a book. However, the unreliable narrator is one of those essential tools that any writer must learn to master. Indeed, to realize this is enough to remember that many of the most acclaimed works of literature worldwide exploit this literary device.

Looking for free horror short stories?

If you’re  roaming the Internet in search of free horror short stories or free thriller short stories, come and have a look. Smashwords (multiple formats: epub, mobi, pdf…) Kobo iTunes Amazon The idea came to me during a course I had to attend about safety measures and risk assessment for working at height. The spokesman was so boring, he managed to make the word ‘boring’ itself exciting by comparison. So, after being hit for an hour or so of droning nonsense, my mind began to wander. Then when the idea came to me, I jotted down just a few words on the pad I should have used to take much more serious notes. The course ended at long last. When it did, the winter sun had already gone behind the mountains. But I was too excited to notice. And while driving back home I began to think more and more about the …

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How to find time to read more books – 10 easy tips

No matter how hectic your days can be. With these tips on how to read more books you can go from zero to infinite. Well… almost. I don’t know how many books I read in a year. I don’t keep count. But I do know I love reading. I love reading both fiction and non fiction books. When I was younger and I had at my disposal tons of spare time, reading a book came natural to me. Whenever I felt like, I would just sit down in a quiet corner of the house and start reading. Then, growing up my spare time seemed to dissolve, like morning fog under a fierce summer sun. But my love for books never faltered, and I found that even if you have a hectic life you can manage to put under your reader’s belt a significant number of books every year. In fact, if …

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How to become a writer–5 books to conquer your mountain

the Matterhorn

As it is possible to notice from the diagram below, books have known an unprecedented growth over the past few centuries. Besides, with the advent of Internet things have accelerated even more. To the point that it is next to impossible to make any reasonable prediction about the future of the publishing industry. This abundance doesn’t necessarily mean that books have gotten cheaper. For example, according to prices for textbooks since 1977 have grown by 1,040%. This is a staggering number, above all considering that the overall inflation over the same period amounts only to 308%. With e-books the situation is probably a little better for us readers. However, considering that, in general, non fiction e-books tend to have a higher price tag; considering that the number of how-to books about creative writing has skyrocketed as well; and that writers should devote their time to write their works or read the other’s, I …

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Best horror books–a review of West of Dead

West of Dead - cover

We all have a list of our preferred authors. So it’s quite natural that when we’re searching for something new to read we turn first to such authors. We already know and love their works, so chances are we’re going to enjoy the next book they’re going to publish. This is also why the lists of best horror books often cite over and over always the same names. They are, to some extent at least, a guarantee. However this relying so heavily on the already known and tested authors prevents us from discovering the new interesting ones. Authors who, if given a chance, could turn out to be just as good as the most famous ones. My Kindle is like a whale’s belly More than two years ago I downloaded a book from an indie author I didn’t know. Though it’s not unusual for me to try new authors, I must …

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