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peter rey -horror writer -horror booksSkip the boring parts, Elmore Leonard advised.  The boring parts—like an author’s bio…

Yet, here you are. So the least I can do is to make up my mind and write something. Possibly, something interesting.

But with writers the problem is that most of the time their stories are the only things worth knowing about them. Even if in their bios some of them will go to any length to impress their readers.

Genre doesn’t matter to me. Provided the writing is tight, I enjoy reading a good romance just as well as a creepy horror novel.

I write novels where horror and thriller elements mix up. I also enjoy writing fantasy and SF stories. The fact is,  I like to experiment.

I’m a  writer. So, I write. And rewrite. Sometimes I move words around, as if I hoped for the perfect turn of phrase to magically appear and save my day. It never does.

Once upon a time…

I believed that revising meant I wasn’t any good. That’s no longer the case.

Anyway, though enjoyable, revising isn’t at all a straightforward process. Not for me at least.

Usually, my first drafts are nothing more than bare-bones synopses of the stories I want to write.

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Then, during my first revisions, I tend to make my stories longer and longer. Usually I let my hands rush all over the keyboard and pound into existence whatever they want to.

However, later on, when I have to clean up a particularly difficult passage, I often end up finding out that the best solution has to do with cutting, paring down.

Luckily, words aren’t trees, and I can chop down an entire metaphorical forest even if while doing so I’m crying for the fate of my wonderful creations.

Indeed, at times I fall in love with what I write—well, most of the times.

In such cases my fiancee, who is way wiser than me, usually shakes her head and with a smile sends me back to my study.

But she does so with such a grace, I end up believing I myself have decided to go through one more revision.

Well, for the moment that’s it. So long, and thanks for reading.

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